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...back pain is included above. Does anyone know more about that one? I did a Twitter search and it's a thing. Of course, some of those writing about onset of back pain and maladies after their vaccination have been ridiculed. I know of a very-vaxxed someone who had a disc (or something?) disconnect/dislodge, very strange, painful, and dangerous surgery- all occurring post-vax. Another with a severe condition that arose with her spine after vax, major surgery with months-long recovery now a year later, has come back. More surgery. Worst of all though, just learned a vaxxed youngish loved one has been going to the doctor lately for back pain and is going in for Xrays. Anybody know more about this? What's with the neck growths?

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There's just so many things. Shingles too. Might end up being the opposite of a healthy microbiome, affects pretty much EVERYTHING.

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