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I hear you. I literally live with this "it doesn't go away" reality. My career has been 95% destroyed by covid cancellers because I am not vaccinated and I literally live with one of the major instigators of that destruction. They will never apologize. The facts are not in dispute; it is very clear what happened and the other's role in it. It can't be ignored for SO MANY MANY REASONS. So no, it's not going away. While it's no fun, I must say, you being so productive after losing your job(s) is pretty cool. With what I do, I also am able to continue to hone my skills, up my game, without any covidian a**holes cancelling me. My chops are in great shape, better than before I was cancelled. Finding new work opportunities, however, requires finding a new planet to live on it appears - so pervasive and insidious is the cancelling of the unvaxxed in my profession. It actually really helps fight back despair to know I'm not alone in facing that there is no "moving on". It's beyond some kind of resentment, it's a core personal thing, being treated so viciously directly and indirectly on social media, so purposefully cancelled. Many previous friends who were colleagues are now blocked. There was/is no other way to respond, finally. I literally pray to the One for some kind of spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental mastery to continue on where I am, and, for help in opening new paths to move upon.

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Thank you for fighting in a way that only few can (but most of those few don't)!

It's blatantly obvious that interested parties only want it to be "over" so there's no accountability and that no restrictions get put in place that get in their way of doing it again, soon apparently. This is just the beginning.

And all the useful idiots only want it to be over so they can (wishfully) forget about how bad it feels to side with evil.

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Scary enough for people that they took it and don't know what it might do to them. But they also gave it to their children.

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I can't imagine trying to live that kind of worry. I'm sure glad I don't have to.

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I didn't know your background previously so thanks for sharing it and persevering with your posts and research and not going quietly. The manufactured 'pandemic', (the manufactured 'climate crisis') is the stick 'they' hope to beat humanity in to submission, taking our bodily autonomy, freedoms, will to live, however, it has been used to excess. People all over the world are recognising what are these 'actors' intentions, so now there are myriad pockets of resistance.

The msm has been 'their' conduit to spread their blatant lies, but we have many like you going above and beyond to give your readers the truth. I don't think the number of responses to articles indicates a niche number of truth seekers - people share what they read so the numbers of the enlightened grow, as well as 'first hand' experience of witnessing relatives, friends, neighbours who have fallen foul of the "safe and effective". It will never be over, it has taken too many.

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As a mandated clinician who has rearranged his life across the ditch, I feel for you and like many here, completely understand your righteous angst. It may however prove more useful, satisfying and potentially remunerative to engage with the like minded?

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

As you know, assorted individual and institutional miscreants or are trying to hijack civilization, and/or sitting on their hands and tacitly colluding with an economic, social, biological, ethical, and moral dead end. It doesn't end well ... for them.


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Like most historical government f__k ups, justice is rarely seen. What the usual government MO response is any, or all of the following:

offer TAX CUTS, (aka insignificant, cf to the tax theft by multinationals, the super-rich & tax havens)

SCARE US WITH INVASION BY ILLEGALS, ( they mean refugees but use the cold indifferent term illegals)

SCARE US WITH MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE ( believe what you wish!)

TALK ABOUT TRAVELLING TO MARS and other planets ( as usual)

And worse of all.... The coming war with China.... ( see John Pilger's film on his web site)

*** Government should be in the hands of the people; not their elected representatives because all governments' mottos in managing crises is and remains "all care given but no responsibility accepted"-- EVER!

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Thanks for continuing the fight. Much appreciated.

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"It may be time for them to be the ones to shut up."

+100 !

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I salute you Raphael. As an ex-pat Aussie living in Nz, itsickens me to hear your story. The institutions that silence you are too well financed to be held accountable. If only we could dry up those funds.

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It is all so unjust and just plain wrong. It makes me cross to see people who perpetrated the covid nightmare on us sail off into the sunset whilst others are trying to gbit make sense of what is left. I pray the Lord will guide you Raphael and open some new doors.

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SUE the bastards! Only thing the corrupt care about is when money comes directly out of their pocket.

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This is the way. Just venting will not accomplish a whole lot. Fight!

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Only discovered your work through watching a part of the International Covid Summit. I have been reading about this since before I lost my job (fortunately finally allowed to work again) but I sometimes know more about resistance in the US or Canada than in Australia ! Congratulations on your legal wins and thank you for your courage.

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This to will pass is the mantra I think to myself when times get tough.

We were awake to this, to be the dissenters, imagine if we were absent, how the STATE/COMMUNISTS could have trampled the people.

We have loved ones among the sleeping, ones were couldn't wake, ones deaf and blind to what was/is obvious to us.

Now, we all know how tyranny advances. This we will speak about ALOT in the coming years.

We know how fear based propaganda repeated multiple times an hour, lined people up to take an experimental drug.

We saw government representatives and health experts lie and lie and lie.

We saw big pHARMa make obscene contracts that shifted responsibility for adverse effects upon the public purse.

We saw big pHARMa make obscene profits.

We saw the TGA, FDA, CDC, WHO negate the massive warning signals that came into their adverse reporting databases.

We saw judges dismiss all court cases that pushed back upon the govt cv narrative - jabbing the children stands out as the most atrocious.

We had to bear witness to the corruption and the coercion of the fence sitters.

We saw the potential that ignites a civil war.

We saw the global lockstep as every government moved as one against the people they purport to serve.

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Patience is the plan.

Patience because there is no point bringing a remedy before the majority have seen, there is indeed a problem.

Atlas shrugged, the machine men must reveal their playbook, their dirty hands.

Then we bring justice and rebuild.

So while we wait, there is much to do.

You saw how THEY LIE and LIE and LIE.

cv19 isn't their first rodeo.

THEY LIE until they get caught and then they LIE to recover the narrative and the media protects the position.

There are lies seeded everywhere and especially in medicine and science.

It is up to us to pull the weeds.

Scrutiny is our best friend because THEIR lies sit in the open, in plain sight.

THEY never thought their FACTS would be challenged by ordinary people.

Curious people, digging and discussing, this they can't counter, we are simply too many and too determined. NOW more than ever.

What fraud will you discover?

Here's what I've found:

We breathe air not oxygen


I have a new take on blood and lung physiology that LOGICALLY dismisses the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Plus a few other paradigms get pushed over.

How does salt restriction lead to heart dis-ease and fear based reactionary thinking?


Why do you think they set up research funding centres for the dis-eases that cause the most suffering and garner the public's sympathies? It's not to find cures, it to money launder and control who gets funded so the medical / scientific community remains retarded. And I'm being kind saying retarded, when you see how easily I can logically dismiss the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and how mammalian lungs really function.

Our schooled daze set up the bright ones to be rote learner, safe learner, full mark learner, colour inside the box learners and no risk learners.

So then the bright ones learn the safe answers and repeat the safe answers unquestionably. They invest in the safe system of right answers. They defend the 'RIGHT' answers. They write the RIGHT answers in the safe as investment houses TEXTBOOKS.

Meanwhile, the chronic illnesses increase and increase and increase. So the bright ones deflect. The people are doing the wrong things, too much salt, too much fat, too much stress, faulty genetics etc.

So let's turn this situation around by doing our due diligence and hunting down the LIES we were chosen to see. NO SACRED COWS!

Our unique perspectives, life experiences give us tools to hunt LIES and expose them.

Let us make the evil ones impotent by lifting the veil.

PS if you feel frozen and need help moving on from your schooled daze, may I suggest you visit Peter and Pete's YouTube channel and hang around for a while with these free thinking brothers. They show you how to unlock 'RIGHT' thinking and make curiosity your best friend again.


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If we ever start over with another Constitution please remember to outlaw public education.

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Unfortunately in the age we live in anything "public" gets subverted and used for the opposite of what it was intended to exist for...

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"Normalcy only returns when we have largely vaccinated the entire world population." B.G. on April 9th of 2020.

With 'refusers' this goal won't be achieved any time soon.

No need for assumptions or interpretations. They already said loud and clear often enough where the journey goes. To listen and to remember is enough.

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