Welcome to Okay Then News! Our aim is to be an independent and thought-provoking news aggregator and archive, sourced typically from mainstream news outlets (such as CNN and the AP), widely-respected academic publishers (such as Oxford University Press and Brill), and primary sources (such as politicians’ websites and social media accounts). While focussed on politics, we cover a diverse range of topics including health, finance, religion, science, and philosophy. A typical daily/weekly(ish) update will be no longer than a decent-sized paragraph and will include a short quote, with source link, another short quote, with source link, our catchphrase, and that’s it. No commentary. No opinion. No preaching. No rants. No BS.

Why? Many people are moving away from traditional ways of consuming news. And not everyone has the time to watch 2 hour video podcasts or read through 7 page email newsletters. And many of us are sick of bias in the news. Hence our commitment to neither ‘the left’ nor ‘the right’. This isn’t about conservatives getting destroyed or owning the libs. And we’re especially sick of news outlets not even pretending to be objective anymore, partly made obvious by the rise of the 2-sentence headline. I.e., “Such and such doesn’t like blah blah. Here’s why he’s wrong (and a fascist/commie).”

We’re over it and want YOU to decide what to think when you’ve seen the evidence for yourself. We’ll stick to reporting the facts, as currently understood. Partly because that’s what the news is supposed to be about and partly because a lot of the time we ourselves honestly just don’t know what to think - so while we do choose what to mention (a necessary limitation of all news outlets), because we think we have come upon something worth considering, we let you choose what to make of it. All we do is very quickly point you towards stuff that is worth saying “okay then” about. Whether you become outraged, mildly amused, satisfied with the status quo, newly woke, red-pilled, apathetic, or think we are bonkers for mentioning it, it’s up to you.

As an independent organisation, we receive no funding from the Koch brothers or the Clinton Foundation. We also receive no funding from George Soros, the Cato Institute, or the Saudi Government. Paywalls also annoy us, and monetisation with ads makes us feel icky, so we hope to be funded through paid subscriptions, which are totally voluntary - ALL content is available to both paid and free subscribers.

We hope you enjoy your daily/weekly(ish) 2 minutes with us, and please do let us know if you have a suitable story that would interest other Okay Then News readers. Be sure to also check out the CovidSkeptics.com forums, our sister project, made primarily for the benefit of two persecuted groups, the unjabbed and the jab-injured.

- Raph

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Highlighting media/government untruths, relatively briefly, and with little to no commentary.


Raphael Lataster, PhD

Academic specialising in misinformation. Ex healthcare (pharmacist and hospital administrator). Runs Okay Then News, a curated news aggregator highlighting media/government contradictions, hypocrisies, and outright lies.